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Your EQ Index is : 0.00
# Domain EQ Marks (%)
1 SelfAwareness 0.00
2 SelfRegulation 0.00
3 SelfMotivation 0.00
4 Empathy 0.00
5 SocialSkill 0.00
6 Spirituality 0.00
7 Maturity 0.00

81 - 100 This Could be The Strength To Build And Capitalize On

This range of score is definitely above average, and it could be considered as higher than average when the score is within the range of 90 – 100. You realize that you have the competency; however, you are not able to demonstrate the competency in certain situations. But once polished it become natural to you. Fortunately, in certain situations the same competency becomes your strength that comes naturally to you. It looks like you just need to be more consistent in your behavior, and maintain the competency in almost any situation. This will help you seize opportunities that can alleviate your love for success, so work to capitalize on it, and maximize your potential.

61 - 80 This Could Be The Strength Your Are Looking For

You should not look far when trying to improve your emotional intelligence. The competency that has score within this range is actually among your best competency especially when the score is on the upper range (70 – 80). You are aware of the competency and are actually doing OK in life. However, there are some other competencies that are pulling you back, and make you stuck below the ceiling. You can start with this competency, and slowly bring it out to your attention. This will help you develop your full potential and become a more rounded person.

41 - 60 Something You Need to Work On

If your competency score is within this range, it suggests that:
(a) you sometimes show emotionally intelligence behaviors
(b) it is not your natural behavior; (c)it is not your favorite competency that you always use.

Find the right intervention and you can improve on the competency. Once improved, your performance will rise significantly.

Less than 40 A Concern You Must Address Immediately

The competencies having scores less than 40 can be categorized as
(a) a problem area for you,
(b) you do not value the competency, or
(c) you do not think that the competency is important for you.

Because of the lack of the competency, you are not able to function effectively. It is time for you to look for effective intervention that will help you increase the score for the said competency and change your behavior. To improve yourself, there should be a sense of urgency.

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